Volunteer for Counselling in Bangalore by Vishwas, Society for Mental Health Neeta


I’ve been with Vishwas since the last 3 1/2 yrs and my journey has been wonderful & very satisfying. It started with my training, learning a new approach to counseling has impacted my thinking and so my personal life too. I also gained a big support system at Vishwas and speaking to and listening to their experiences and their outlook is an experience in itself.

As we listen to callers and help them clear the Clouds, Vishwas has done the same for me.

I see things more objectively. I’m less judgmental. I have learnt & am still learning to be happy with myself.

JAYALAKSHMI Volunteer at Counselling in Bangalore for Vishwas


As the years went by, I started feeling “What am I doing”? After joining Vishwas, I found a purpose in my life. I am learning what life is all about by listening to people who walk into Vishwas. Thanks to Vishwas for helping me to grow.

The service we render to others is really the rent we pay for our home on this earth. Vishwas has shown me the way. I have great reverence for Vishwas and its founders for trusting me and providing an opportunity to be part of Vishwas.”

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“Empathy is…communicating that incredibly healing message of ‘you are not alone’ ”

-Brene Brown

This, to me sums up what Vishwas is doing for people as an organisation.

With time to spare and thoughts of giving back to society, I took a friend’s suggestion to think about volunteering with Vishwas. It’s been a journey of many learnings.

Equipped by comprehensive training in counselling skills along with learning sessions and continued guidance from the committed senior “Vishwasians”, I am taking baby steps on this path of nobility.

While volunteering is about helping other people, it has in turn helped me in better self discovery, humbled me and has given me a sense of purpose.

Thanks to everyone at Vishwas for all the help, guidance and acceptance extended to me.

More strength to this tribe of helping people at Vishwas.

Girish Volunteer at Counselling in Bangalore for Vishwas


The day I came to know about Vishwas and their counseling process I was very keen to join the organization. Subsequently I went through an intense training program.

The day arrived when I had to do a one on one counseling session all by myself and that is when I realized how difficult it is to counsel others. Acceptance, and empathy are all easy to understand in theory but difficult to practice. In the process of counseling I am helping myself as well, as I had been told by Ramesh. My relationship with my family, relatives, friends and others have improved for the better due to Vishwas.