Kesav is in his early twenties and feels all his relations are short lived. He is not able to mix with people and feels lonely. He feels that no one in the word can be trusted. Kesav is finding it difficult to focus on his education and complete the degree.

Anyone close to you going through the same? 

1.Do we need to take an appointment before we come to you?

No, you can just walk in without an appointment and you can rest assured that someone will attend to you immediately

2.How much do I have to pay as consultation fee?

Our services are totally free. At no point are you required to pay for the counselling.

3.When I share with you, will it really be confidential?

We function on the primary principle of confidentiality. We work continuously to build trust in the counselling relationship. We take this to the extent that, outside of Vishwas we will not even acknowledge you, unless you are comfortable with talking to us. This is important as you may be with family or friends and it may be awkward for you to introduce us.

4.Will I see the same person when I come next time or will it be another person?

Yes, you will see the same person each time you come to Vishwas. As the process is about sharing, listening and understanding what you are going through it is necessary to see the same person each time.

5.What should be the age ?

All age from 6+ years

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