Our Friends


Prof.Rishikesha Krishnan, 
IIM Bangalore

My association with Vishwas started over a decade ago when I was first chair of placement and later of the MBA prog (PGP) at IIM Bangalore. In our high pressure environment, students often get stressed out and need advice and counselling to face their challenges with equanimity.
We found that Vishwas was able to play this role of counselling unobtrusively and with a good deal of sensitivity. For me the high point of Vishwas’s engagement with IIMB was when Ramesh suggested that Vishwas could train some of our students to be the first line of support. This changed the complexion of counselling in a major way.
Overall, our experience with Vishwas has been enriching, and I hope that everyone at Vishwas feels the same way.


Dr.S Kalyansundaram, Psychiatrist, President, Richmond Fellowship Society 

I have been associated with “Vishwas” Counselling Centre for more than a decade. I have seen its growth over this period and what impresses me is the commitment that the counsellors show in learning the basic principles and their keenness to use them with their clients. Although the teaching is done in an informal manner one can easily notice the sense of seriousness with which the training is approached. The fact that many distressed people have been helped for their psychological problems bears testimony to this.
What is significant is that they know their limitations and refer to a professional mental health expert when necessary, which is not often the case with many others who profess to counsel people in trouble. Vishwas does not hesitate to call in additional experts to impart skills from different fields to enhance their knowledge. The family like atmosphere and the keenness to learn from one another is another unique feature in this set-up.


Dr.Sherhar Seshadri
Psychiatrist, NIMHANS

Given the magnitude of mental health problems and the paucity of trained professionals, voluntary initiatives are a critical need. As the
number of agencies offering such services expanded in a city like Bangalore, there were concerns about the adequacy of volunteer
training and the extent to which the services were ethical and effective. Having seen the growth of Vishwas, it is reassuring to note
the integrity, consistency and effectiveness with which each of the above issues have been addressed. What is remarkable is the
rigorous structure of Vishwas’ counselor intake and training, the clarity of its approach and reach and its proactive collaboration within
the larger field of mental health.


HOD Psychology, KIMS

Rapid transformations in the social landscape
significantly impact the life worlds of people. Shrinking
families, fractured relationships and economic
uncertainties play a huge role in the occurrence of
a wide array of emotional issues and psychological
problems. Unfortunately they are often undetected
and do not receive appropriate attention. Given the
paucity of mental health professionals in the country,
there is a growing need for services which are tailored
to the needs of this population. It is in this area that
Vishwas has made meaningful inroads over the past
two decades. In addition to providing counselling
services, it has played a significant role through its
training programs for lay counsellors. The dedication,
with which this initiative has been sustained over the
years, is quite noteworthy. Having been associated
with Vishwas, I notice with much satisfaction the
steady gains it has made in this quest.