Sandesh Rao

I am glad to have been associated with Vishwas as a volunteer. The intense training, induction and supervision and various connects with other volunteers are helping me to learn and grow as a counselor. As I reflect upon myself, learning from Vishwas is helping me in my personal life and the way I look at the world.


Smitha Varma

Live and learn life by empathetic and deep listening. I look forward to Vishwas to keep improving myself with an experienced mentor and wonderful fellow volunteers. I am grateful to be part of Vishwas.


Radhika Baliga

As I am interested in psychology and counseling I was looking for a volunteering opportunity in this field where I could serve keeping in line with my values.
From the start of my interaction on email for volunteering with Vishwas, to my understanding of their values and my intense training and the process of feedback and supervision, I feel highly fortunate to be part of this team. Vishwas is professionally organised and ethically committed and integrity is of paramount importance.


Anithra Janakiraman

I signed up with Vishwas on hearing about their dedicated , passionate and professional team of volunteers. It has been barely a couple of months and I’m still in training but I can already see how rigorous , systematic and organised things are here and why the Vishwas model works. Looking forward to being a part of this team.


Praveena Kumari

I wanted to do something which can bring meaning and purpose to my life and increase my wellbeing. Volunteering has positive impact and benefits me as a person to improve my relationship with others. It helps me to connect to the community and hold a better perception about life in general.


Danendra Mishra

I am really excited to begin my journey as a volunteer with Vishwas. After going through the intense training, I am seeing the learnings finding expression in my day-to-day interactions with family and work, and it’s definitely helping me become a better version of myself. Being Empathetic and non-judgemental is simple to understand but can be quite difficult to practice, I am hoping that I am able to inculcate them as a way of life, as we go along.