Our Volunteers

Our volunteers over the years who gave us their time and hearts to nurture Vishwas and reach out to people who needed us.


I joined Vishwas to understand how to reach out to people which was always my aim.

I developed the skills slowly by observing my colleagues and sharing with them. I feel sharing genuinely, taking criticism in the right way and being open to learn really helps to develop the right skills.

There were ups and downs in my journey in Vishwas and am thankful to Vishwas for this wonderful journey. Determination to reach out to people gave me the strength to continue in this field. Now it gives me immense pleasure to be in Vishwas.





The day I came to know about Vishwas and their counseling process I was very keen to join the organization. Subsequently I went through an intense training program.

The day arrived when I had to do a one on one counseling session all by myself and that is when I realized how difficult it is to counsel others. Acceptance, and empathy are all easy to understand in theory but difficult to practice. In the process of counseling I am helping myself as well, as I had been told by Ramesh. My relationship with my family, relatives, friends and others have improved for the better due to Vishwas.



My journey through Vishwas can be summed up in simple words as “Self Help by helping others”. As life went on I realized that former was more than the latter. It all started in November 1995 through the 7th Training programme. I will always cherish memories of these eleven days. Vishwas has become a part of my life for all the gifts and values it has bestowed upon me. I have seen lot of people walking into our centre
and helping themselves to lead a better life.

I am not sure of my contribution to Vishwas but absolutely sure of what Vishwas has contributed to my life. The whole experience is so fulfilling.




I’ve been with Vishwas since the last 3 1/2 yrs and my journey has been wonderful & very satisfying. It started with my training, learning a new approach to counseling has impacted my thinking and so my personal life too. I also gained a big support system at Vishwas and speaking to and listening to their experiences and their outlook is an experience in itself.

As we listen to callers and help them clear the Clouds, Vishwas has done the same for me.

I see things more objectively. I’m less judgmental. I have learnt & am still learning to be happy with myself.



Anybody, who would ask me, when I was a small girl “what are you going to become”, would get a definite answer ´DOCTOR´. Even though I could not become a doctor, I feel I have more  than realised my dream of healing people by working with my callers in Vishwas.

My journey of Vishwas began about 12 yrs back when I started the training programme at Vishwas and I feel  grateful that I got an opportunity to do this job. I am what I am today because of Vishwas.


Being at Vishwas is as normal as breathing now. I’m just very proud to be part of the 21 years of Vishwas’s
commitment to voluntary counseling.
In the initial part of my decade long association with Vishwas, the commitment weighed on me.

However, the commitment of the veterans and the faces of my callers would give me the strength to step out of home and walk in with a smile.

To me, Vishwas is very personal. It allowed me to fulfill possibly my life’s
purpose and provided a happy place and group of people to be associated with.


Twenty years is a long time in the life of any organisation. It is more so for a not for profit organisation like Vishwas which was a sort of trend setter to extend free and confidential services to help people in emotional stress. It is quite amazing to imagine now that Vishwas came into being purely by chance thanks to the initiative of Lata Jagannathan of Bangalore Medical Trust (more popularly known as TTK Blood Bank) and Kishore Rao of Karunashraya and the first training programme for lay volunteers conducted by PRN Murthy in June 1991. From 29 August 1991 till today the journey has been exciting, satisfying and rewarding.


Although, I have been a volunteer with Vishwas for less than five years, my association with Vishwas is more than a decade old. I started my counseling stint with another voluntary organization but thankfully the “prodigal” returned to the fold and began counseling again with renewed vigour and passion. I look forward to my counseling day with as much zeal as a schoolboy might look forward to the weekend and his cricket match! But more than anything else, Vishwas continues to teach me to “care” for people, feelings and emotions.

Thank you Vishwas.




Vishwas, for me has been a 12 years journey of trust, faith and belief; that has opened a new world for me. My joy knows no bounds when in few days to a few weeks, I see tangible changes in those who come to Vishwas looking for help to solve their life’s problems.
I have benefitted the most: I feel I have become a better friend, a better daughter, a better colleague, a better human being. Here is my expression of Gratitude to all my Gurus; my family, my colleagues, my friends and my managers for their support in this




Vishwas has positively impacted me in more ways than one.
Here, I have learnt that though I can never really change anyone, I can help. I can be a resource. I can nurture, listen to, empathise, understand, serve, sacrifice,  appreciate, accept and affirm. I can provide the opportunity, the nurturance and the encouragement.
And as I endeavour to bring comfort to the anguished lives I am privileged to touch, I with reverence and gratitude in my heart say to Vishwas, ”You lift me and I lift thee, and together we ascend”.


Reminiscence of a path I have followed over the last 22 years with passion and perseverance. Vishwas to me has become my way of life. This most satisfying and fascinating journey has made me the biggest beneficiary. It has awakened me to understanding the uniqueness of human minds and their behaviors. I have moved away from taking stands of right and wrong to accepting and realizing that there are many perspectives. The challenge is to tune in to the right frequency of these perspectives be it – a couple, a family or a work situation.

I want to use this opportunity to thank each one of my colleagues for their faith and support they had in me over the years. I truly believe that Vishwas wouldn’t exist but for this support. I would also like to express a deep sense of affection and gratitude that the people I reached out to have bestowed on me. Their good wishes and positivity keeps me going until today.

And to Vishwas all I want to say is you taught me commitment, discipline, empathy and humility.

I salute YOU.


Two of my best friends who were callers at Vishwas introduced me to the organization. I was asked to join the Indiranagar center to begin with, under senior supervision.

I have been on the journey with Vishwas for eleven years now. Watching someone helping themself gives me new ideas to improve myself. I take this opportunity to thank Vishwas and the people that make up this organization for being a beacon of light and strength for us all.

Vijaya Pai


You will be expected to start seeing callers on your own soon.” My supervisor calls me up one morning, a few months after I joined Vishwas as a volunteer. 
I protest, “I need some more time.”
“It is about time too!” 
I went over the lessons learnt in the past few months: Listen fully. Facilitate talking. Keep your own experiences out. Never judge—keep your value system out. Empathize, respond, reflect back what you hear… I slouched back, the enormity of the job weighing me down.
Then I remembered another lesson, “The focus is always on the caller!” I realized that this one lesson contains everything. I sat up and smiled. I am ready!