What does Vishwas mean to me? Simple, it means Vishwas! Vishwas in myself to be able to reach out to those in need and do my bit. This empowering starts with the strong foundation laid by the initial training program, which is then followed up on the job through various modes of continuous improvement programs like continuous feedback mechanisms, expert-led learning programs, peer networking etc. What is amazing is the rigour with which this voluntary organisation is run – be it the processes or the discipline or the singular focus on the callers – all in a friendly, vibrant and positive ambience. The commitment and dedication of the founders and all volunteers is truly astounding. We see all 3Cs – Competence, Commitment and Consistency – in action day in and day out. No wonder Vishwas is 29 years old. I am mighty proud to be part of Vishwas. I go there to help others but I have realised that I get helped a lot in the whole process. It’s truly an enriching experience to be part of Vishwas.