Radha Ganesh

I had heard of Vishwas and the excellent work they were doing to help people with emotional stress even before I settled in Bangalore. So it was with great eagerness that I volunteered. The superb training programme took my breath away with its tremendous learning, sharp insights and hammering in of all the essential ingredients to become a committed Vishwas volunteer.

It has been eight years since and though I have learnt a lot, the learning is still ongoing…

My journey in Vishwas started as a wish to help people, what I didn’t expect was all the growing and help I keep getting back. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of this wonderful family, Vishwas!



Vishwas is an ongoing journey of learning for me. The training was personally enriching in honing awareness towards judgements and perceptions which shape our responses and approach in daily life. It provides an opportunity to contribute towards the society by offering a safe and empathetic space for people in situational anguish and the power of listening with unconditional support. The methodology followed in Vishwas instills a sense of commitment and discipline while facilitating a mutually collaborative process of acceptance and empathy. I look forward to this learning experience and feel privileged to be a part of Vishwas.


Shraddha Vasanth

As I reflected about life, there was a question within “how do I make my life meaningful?” It was this quest that led me to Vishwas. And Vishwas, to me means just that – Vishwas! Trust that the callers repose in us!

My journey so far has been very enriching. The training program was a great learning experience – about myself, about people, relationships and counselling. The primary focus is to help the callers and, in the process, also refine ourselves as human beings. The internal processes are very meticulously designed to ensure that callers get all the help they need. The rigour and commitment of the founders and volunteers is truly inspiring!

I’m very happy to be a part of Vishwas and look forward to a long and fulfilling journey.!


Haripriya Vasudevan

Use your voice for Kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for extending help, your mind for truth and your heart for love.

And that is what empathy is all about. Love and compassion towards the entire creation, every soul, has the strength to heal the whole planet. And that brings a realization that, by being all of this, we not only help ourselves, but also become effective in spreading positivity all around us.

The training sessions and interactions with other “Vishwasians” has been so profound and intuitive that it helped break open many barriers and empowered me from within.

Like somebody rightly said, life is a sojourn on the planet and service is the rent you pay, it is indeed a noble character building experience to be of help to the society with utmost humility and respect for every individual – a sublimation of the inner self.


Surekha Bhat

Having raised two teenagers and simultaneously cared for elderly in law’s and parents gave me lot of perspective in life. I wanted to help those who need emotional support dealing with these issues. I wanted to learn the techniques and insights for doing effective counselling. Vishwas provided me the perfect opportunity to learn, understand the nuances on how to deal with the counselling intricacies. Viswas’s training was very interactive and insightful. It provided me completely different perspective on how to deal with emotional issues. I realised that I have lot to learn but I am confident that I can do so with guidance from Vishwas. I would like to thank all mentors who took time to guide and help me.



I joined Vishwas with the intention to help people and give something back to society in a way I can. Training and association with Vishwas has given me the platform to work towards my small contribution towards society. In this enriching journey, I have realised the immense impact on a person by just being genuine, listen without judging and provide unconditional support.
As I walk along this path, interacting with callers has also helped me to introspect myself and gradually work towards becoming a better person. Furthermore, the constant support and guidance from my colleagues is helping me to stay motivated, positive and have a fulfilling experience in this organisation



Two of my best friends who were callers at Vishwas introduced me to the organization. I was asked to join the Indiranagar center to begin with, under senior supervision.

I have been on the journey with Vishwas for eleven years now. Watching someone helping themself gives me new ideas to improve myself. I take this opportunity to thank Vishwas and the people that make up this organization for being a beacon of light and strength for us all.

Volunteer at Vishwas Society for Mental Health


Reminiscence of a path I have followed over the last 22 years with passion and perseverance. Vishwas to me has become my way of life. This most satisfying and fascinating journey has made me the biggest beneficiary. It has awakened me to understanding the uniqueness of human minds and their behaviors. I have moved away from taking stands of right and wrong to accepting and realizing that there are many perspectives. The challenge is to tune in to the right frequency of these perspectives be it – a couple, a family or a work situation.

I want to use this opportunity to thank each one of my colleagues for their faith and support they had in me over the years. I truly believe that Vishwas wouldn’t exist but for this support. I would also like to express a deep sense of affection and gratitude that the people I reached out to have bestowed on me. Their good wishes and positivity keeps me going until today.

And to Vishwas all I want to say is you taught me commitment, discipline, empathy and humility.

I salute YOU.



My intention to join Vishwas was to see how to put into practice that I had learnt in theory through formal education. But what happened later is fulfilling and I did not anticipate at that time. This volunteering effort continues to heal my life.

After the experiential training imparted at Vishwas, I joined as a volunteer. The counseling methodology followed by Vishwas was something I was naturally attracted to during formal education studies too. I soon realized Vishwas has put in a matured working model with continuous learning through monthly volunteers meetings and weekly supervisions and is no less than a professional setup.

In summary, the whole experience is learning with humility, while being there as a mere catalyst.

Surekha 1


Vishwas has positively impacted me in more ways than one.
Here, I have learnt that though I can never really change anyone, I can help. I can be a resource. I can nurture, listen to, empathise, understand, serve, sacrifice, appreciate, accept and affirm. I can provide the opportunity, the nurturance and the encouragement.
And as I endeavour to bring comfort to the anguished lives I am privileged to touch, I with reverence and gratitude in my heart say to Vishwas, ”You lift me and I lift thee, and together we ascend”.