We are familiar with the phrase, “God helps those who help themselves”. We remember this when we have something going our way. But what do you do when you do not know how to help yourself? Or , you don’t know if there is a concern which needs to be addressed? We have been there. Frequently getting angry for issues which seem trivial to others… feeling dejected or sad but unable to find its reason? From my high school days, I had a goal to help people who can’t help themselves. At that point of time, it seemed vague or unclear or unattainable as I didn’t know any tried and tested method of achieving it. I wanted to help all such people. I didn’t know the path, but I had to do it. Then came along Vishwas. I knew that I had the commitment and discipline but needed someone to show me the steps. They took me in, just a lay person with a vision to help. They trained me well to achieve my long-lost dream. Thank you Vishwas for empowering me with humility and empathy. More importantly, for making me a better person, better daughter, better colleague and overall a better individual.