Anant Pophali

There cannot be better word to describe "Vishwas", the organization where a large number of people have put their "faith" in, over the last three decades. I first heard about Vishwas from a practitioner working in the area of emotional health. Hearing highly about a voluntary organization providing high quality and selfless services, from an expert, grew a desire in me to know more about it. When I reached out to Vishwas in 2019, the first thing that stood out was the clarity with which with people spoke to me and the fact that place is voluntary organization in true sense. Second, the stringent process followed in maintaining the level of service and utmost care taken by volunteers to avoid any personal and professional conflict of interest. Vishwas is an ideal voluntary organization in that sense. My personal objective of volunteering at Vishwas is simple, help and be helped in the process. Through my onboarding training at Vishwas, I have begun to understand the immense help that a patient and non-judgmental lister provides, to a person in emotional distress. I aspire to become a better lister through Vishwas and hope to make little difference in the lives of Vishwas callers.